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Lyn Hoyle was born in 1959, studied at East London Technicon under Jack Lugg, graduating in 1979.

She is represented in various public and private collections in South Africa and has exhibited extensively throughout her country and overseas, namely America, Britain and Singapore.


The rich tones of the famous Clarens sandstone cliffs and autumn landscapes are integral to her paintings as is the solitude. Her gorgeous rich oil paintings of flower studies & kelims with gold leaf adorn many homes. Her strong treatment of the subject matter, use of colour and brushstrokes are reminiscent of the work of Irma Stern while her symbolic pieces with fragmented imagery are a more personal reflection on her experiences of home and surroundings.

On a whirlwind gallery tour in New York in 2015, the versatility, tactile quality and wonderful scents of the Encaustic works on display in the Metropolitan Museum inspired her to delve into this ancient medium.



Rendered with a passion and technical facility reminiscent of the Old Masters, Simon's landscapes evoke the spirit of the Eastern Freestate' bleached winter grasses, veldfires, and old stone houses under brooding skies. His travels in search of soulful scenery produce moody studies of wintry Natal Midlands river-courses and wetlands, and deserted Northern Cape farmhouses.

He prefers working in acrylic on board or canvas, experimenting with texture and technique. His landscapes investigate the drama of change, whether by fire, flood, or the ravages of time


Simon's copywriting skills and deep appreciation of the bounty of the vine, has inspired his delightful "Jester " series - unfolding sagas of journeys and yearnings that only Cabernet can assuage.

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